From sr Marie of the Sacred Heart to Céline - Autumn 1890.

From sr Marie of the Sacred Heart to Céline - Autumn 1890.


My little Céline,

I’ve come to make another request. The umbrella stand that was in the kitchen at Les Buissonnets would be just right for the Carmel. I feel sorry for our poor Mother, every day there are further expenses for the Turn (the extern sisters’ new house was appropriated in July 1890. The request for an umbrella stand would be only natural for Autumn). If you don’t use the umbrella [1 v°] stand, it would be very kind of you to give us this gift. Alas, I think you’ll never set up your home again; the nest has been too devastated by the One who had every right to take possession of this cherished flock. This is what he has done. The father and his children are now in his care more than ever, for, having ruined their temporary shelter, He gave them his Heart with more love.

Farewell my darling little sister, if it’s [2 r°] yes, would you mind telling us straight away, for then Auguste (Auguste Acard, who had become sacristan the previous year) can go and fetch it. If it’s no, write to us all the same so that Our Mother can buy one.

Today there was a letter from the Father to Our Mother only. He undoubtedly can’t remember having written to her from his faraway mountains, because he gives her the same details about his journey. He finishes by blessing his five children on the cross and asks for prayers, having 8 retreats to preach in 2 months. You can tell he is [1 v° tv] overwhelmed with work and that he is suffering for not being able to reply to us.

In heaven, my little sister, we’ll have perfect bliss! But oh! how worthy is this awaiting bliss of all the sorrow we undergo to acquire it!...

Marie of the S. H.

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