From sr Marie of the Sacred Heart to Céline - February 18, 1891.

From sr Marie of the Sacred Heart to Céline - February 18, 1891.

Darling Céline, it is me again coming to request something from you, I would like some flower seeds and I’m going to give you the list of them.

1. – 4 packets of china asters at 0.10fr. the packet
2. – 0.30fr. worth of petunia seeds
3. – 1 packet of balsam 0.10fr
4. – 0.60fr. worth of zinnias.

You must buy all these seeds from Got, Rue du Marché au bois, I think. They have many more than elsewhere. For the zinnias, make sure you don’t buy them in packets; there are what they call cheap zinnias. They weigh them and they are not in little packets like the others. There are many more of them and they are just as beautiful, I bought some once with Félicité. (Félicité (in actual fact Marie Hubert) was the Martins’ servant from 1884 to1886) That is why I’m recommending them to you. When you come to see Our Mother don’t forget to bring [v°] them to me.
O my petit Célin1, now let’s talk about something else. Since I’m writing to you for material things it is only right I should fill my second page with Heavenly things. Ah! I can’t know Heavenly things but I can glimpse them… Is our trial not like a ray of light? Earlier I was rereading a letter in which you spoke of Papa, a fig tree (Cf. LD 814, in VT n° 98, April 1985), etc., and at the end of the note are the dates when our 4 little angels entered heaven! Ah! It speaks volumes to my soul. Céline, that is where all human life ends… that is its goal!... Some go carried on the wings of angels without having known the fight, or the battles… Others, God puts in the crucible of tribulation and it’s by rowing hard that they must reach the port. Oh! Who can explain the mysteries of this world where we shall all be reunited in joy? Who can tell us what privileges our present pain will bring? Céline, your soul now transformed by the trial speaks volumes to my soul.
Your sister who loves you [v° tv] as a mother,
Marie of the Sacred Heart
Give my love to Léonie.
[r° tv] Thank Aunt for the marmalade for me. M. Geneviève enjoyed eating it. Tell her that if it wasn’t for Lent (which had begun on 11th February) [v° tv] I would have written to thank her and that it’s necessity that forces me to write to you.

1 Term of endearment.

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