From sr Marie of the Sacred Heart to Céline - Late February 1892.

From sr Marie of the Sacred Heart to Céline - Late February 1892. 

Darling Céline,

You know that I will always come back wanting more. But one doesn’t hold back with a sister, we say things and take them back.

You asked me yesterday what you should give us from time to time during Lent (which would begin on 2nd March). I thought that tins or fish would benefit us more than anything else. If only you knew how sorry I feel for Our Mother, she doesn’t know what will become of her at times. My darlings, since you have no intention of remaining in the world, ah, be good to your little Carmelite sisters! God will greatly reward you for it.

You have no idea how heavy my heart sometimes is. If only you were still in our home (Les Buissonnets)! I mean with our poor father; then I would dare ask anything of you, my sister. But I admit I fear being indiscreet when Aunt is the one sending us little treats. Sister Agnès of Jesus is of the same opinion.

[v°] Imagine that for her dinner, our poor Mother, who can taste nothing, eats two mouthfuls of hot broth (beef broth; Mother Marie de Gonzague was therefore still on a diet of meat as she was exhausted from influenza, which hadn’t spared her) one day, and two mouthfuls of cold broth the next. My heart melted when I found out, I feel sorry for her. I don’t want you to mention it to Aunt, that’s not the reason I’m telling you this, I’m just lightening my burden. Besides, when Aunt sends something it’s often too much, and this is why it embarrasses me; twice a week would be sufficient but it’s always three or four times and it’s broth into the bargain, which we can always get hold of. Now that I’ve told you about my heart-ache, I will be relieved. Ah! if only you knew how poor one feels when one has nothing to give. I myself don’t at all mind going without everything but it’s for those I love.

Farewell, darling little sister, you will think I am forever absorbed by material things and you will dread my letters almost as much as our talks in the visiting room. No, no, don’t take any notice, but the human heart suffers from so many things! This is on the contrary what lifts it towards heaven and detaches it from this poor earth where everything makes it feel exiled.

Your sister who cherishes you

M. of the Sacred Heart

Whatever you do, not a word to Aunt.

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