From sr Marie of the Sacred Heart to Céline - April 27, 1892.

From sr Marie of the Sacred Heart to Céline - April 27, 1892. 


Dear little Céline,

I’ve only the time to write you a tiny note to wish you a happy birthday; You’re already 23!... O dear little sister, I could repeat what the Father (Fr. Pichon) [lv°]wrote when I was that age on the back of a picture he sent me: “Twenty-three years of graces… How good Jesus is!”

And on the picture were these words: “My heart belongs to Jesus and the Heart of Jesus belongs to me, He is the heart of my heart!”

Is this not suited to my little Céline who has also given her whole heart to Jesus and who confesses no other love but [2r°] his … oh! how sweet it is for me to see your life grow in the shade of this sacred and wholly divine love! I wouldn’t be surprised if our Holy Mother Geneviève heard a melodious voice singing this sweet mystery: “What a title, what a privilege it is to be the Spouse of a God!”

O my dear little sister I have no wishes for you because your decision is made and deep down in your heart you have nothing to envy on earth since you possess everything!...

O my little Céline, [2v°] continue giving your fiancé proof of your fidelity…

And on the day of your eternal wedding, you will see a palace, different from the temporarily-erected tent, open up before your eyes. Other guests will take part in the feast and you shall receive a kiss from a Spouse who is your God!... Can there be too many years of this life and its sacrifices to prepare us for the wedding day that will have no evening because it will shine endlessly?

Your sister who loves you very much.

Marie of the S. Heart.

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