From sr Marie of the Sacred Heart to Céline - August 18, 1892.

From sr Marie of the Sacred Heart to Céline - August 18, 1892. 

Little Céline,

I don’t know whether our Mother will be able to write to you, that is why I’ve come with a little note. I’m very sorry to hear you are poorly in La Musse, you won’t be able to enjoy these few days of holiday, which will go by very quickly. But you are right to remain indifferent to the pleasures of here below. They pass away so quickly and are so unlike the happiness of which our souls [1 v°] dream. There is nothing made for us in this world and it persuades us to lift our eyes towards the Homeland that awaits us.

I received a letter from the Father. He says nothing in particular, you can tell he can’t reply to our letters and that he suffers because of it. I feel sorry for him. He still has sore eyes. His letter plunged me into a sort of exile that I can’t define. Oh, how happy is the soul who puts all his joy in Jesus! In [2 r°] Him he finds everything, and is reunited with all those he loves. But without Him, there is nothing; nothing but desert. O my little Céline, it’s such a grace for you to be disillusioned of the whole world like this, and to have found the source of true treasures; the source that is so hidden, and which so few discover. For us, the cross dug this blessed well deep, and from it springs divine, abundant and overabundant graces where we walk!

See you soon, my petit Célin1, I’m holding up the post. Give my love to everyone [2 v°] and tell our little Jeanne that we will think of her on 21st, if we don’t wish her a happy feast day (Saint Jane Frances de Chantal was celebrated on 21st August), which we do to comply to the rules but our hearts will wish her a happy feast day near to God.  

Your little sister who loves you

Marie of the S. Heart

Thursday 18th August

1 Term of endearment.

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