From sr Marie of the Sacred Heart to Céline - July 7, 1893.

From sr Marie of the Sacred Heart to Céline - July 7, 1893. 


Dear little Céline,

I do believe that little Thérèse’s letter would suffice but I can’t help adding this little note. Yours was so kind, so thoughtful, and so full of all the gifts that God has assigned to you in such large measure. Oh, I am proud of my little Céline; proud of the filial love with which she surrounds her poor father. Your letter was a subject of meditation for me. I had no need for a book [lv°] that day. In delight, I thought of the beauty and exquisite delicacy of a child’s love for her father. What great riches has God imparted to certain souls, and what melodies, which are certainly not of here below?... Ah! So what must He be like?... My little Céline, reading your letter, I had all these thoughts and many more besides. Your solitary walk deep in the woods… the nightingale’s song… made me dream of the homeland. Oh! In celestial meadows, in Heaven’s [2r°] delightful groves, what concerts we shall hear! There, reunited forever, in the ecstasy of recognition, we will contemplate our dear father’s beloved features, which will be illuminated with never ending happiness…

Oh! This life is so ephemeral, so short! It is so insignificant! And yet it is with these fleeting moments that we buy real life.

Farewell, darling little sister, it is time for Vespers (then celebrated at 2 pm). Ah! I [2v°]understand the sacrifice you are making for Léonie, but we must seek happiness for the poor little one. If only you knew how deeply the passage from the psalms touched me. If only you knew how much God loves you!...

Give kisses to all those we love for us and tell Uncle how grateful we are in our hearts for everything he is doing for us.

Your little sister,

Marie of the S. Heart.

Could you tell us how to make sparkling water, because I think it would cost less than having siphons. [2v°tv] Apparently, for next to nothing you can make a siphon, ask Uncle.

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