From sr Marie of the Sacred Heart to Céline - July 25, 1893.

From sr Marie of the Sacred Heart to Céline - July 25, 1893. 

Tuesday 25th.


Little Céline,

To reply to your ever so kind letter I’m only going to write you a tiny note because I hardly have any time and I know that Thérèse of the Child Jesus is sending you a lovely letter. If only you knew how much pleasure you bring when you give us even the slightest news of our poor father! Our Mother was just saying this morning how thrilled we were with your little letter! Céline! So it was you whom I saw scampering along Mama’s desk saying: “again, again!” So it is you who today battles valiantly in the arena of this life, amassing merits for heaven and braiding immortal crowns. My little Céline! Oh! I wouldn’t be surprised if Jesus comforted you, played with you, hid and then suddenly reappeared. Even when hidden He is not very far. He peers through the lattice (Sg. 2:9) to see whether his beloved is looking for him. To be sought after is the reason he [v°] hides; to enjoy the proof of your love. In heaven, He will let us enjoy Him without holding back any of his joys, but beforehand He wants proof of our fidelity. Darling little sister, you are very lucky to be sought after by a friend such as Him, and to be the object of his divine jealousies. Ah, I realise what a blessed family we are when I think how our dear Mother’s wishes have come true to the letter! But we must respond to all these graces. This remark is aimed at myself. Ah! Life is so short. For me, this thought is striking. A nun from our Order, who was a saint and whose name I can’t remember, appeared to another nun after her death, and merely said these few words: “O my sister, how precious these moments of this fleeting life are!” O Céline! If only we could see beyond the horizon of this life, what strength and generosity we would have!

I haven’t any news from the Father (Pichon), otherwise Mrs. Guérard wrote to me saying he asked her to request that a novena to the S. Heart be said in the different communities for a very important matter. She also says that his eyes are still sore. That is all I know. I send my love to you, my dear little [v°tv] sister, and to our poor father whom I love so much!

Marie of the S. Heart.

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