From sr Marie of the Sacred Heart to Céline - May 20, 1894.

From sr Marie of the Sacred Heart to Céline - May 20, 1894. 


Sunday 20th

Darling petit Célin1,

Would you believe that I am worrying about what I have to ask of you. I’m afraid you will frown at me and not be pleased. That is why I’m writing to you, not wanting to tell you this unpleasant news in the visiting room because you would ultimately dread seeing us.

My Célin, I’ve come to fish for 10 frs from you! Are you going to scold me? What can I say! When I want something badly and Mother M. de Gonzague (bursar since 20th February 1893) says “I’ve no money, it’s impossible”, I immediately reply: “I’m going to ask Céline. It will be for my feast day next year because this year I have something else.” But this time I can’t wait until next year. My darling little Céline, make your little Marie happy, you know it was I who raised you… I shall tell you what it is all about: Mother M. de Gonzague had some sand delivered for the inner courtyard but there is not enough of it and she hasn’t any money to buy more, she wants to leave it half finished. I immediately thought that you would do the little pleasure of helping us, I know you aren’t going to refuse me, but I would, in addition, like it not to [v°] annoy you. It’s true that we are always asking you for things but what can I say, you have nobody but your little sisters to please and even that won’t last for very long. The day will come when you will no longer be able to give anything. Then you will be like us, and we won’t have our little Céline as a lifeline either. But we shall have her with us, which is even better. Or who knows? One of us might be taken back to her homeland. And it might be me… And there, there will be no more need for sand, or flowers, for everything is prepared for in advance with magnificent aptitude. Until we reach the promised land, we must, like the little ant, work without wasting an instant, bringing back little grain of sand upon little grain of sand, that is to say sacrifice upon sacrifice. But I have no desire to preach because I am not good enough to interfere in the perfection of others. Alas! How unfaithful I am at imitating the ant! That’s not true, I often progress along the path like the ant but bring back no loot apart from my miseries. Pray for your poor little sister. On my feast day (the Sacred Heart, 1st June) I will give you (because I won’t have it beforehand) a pretty little poem that little Thérèse is composing for me at the moment (My Song for Today, PN 5). It will be for us both. See you soon my petit Célin, you know how much I love you… actually you don’t!

Your little sister

Marie of the S.H.

1 Term of endearment.

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