From sr Agnès of Jesus to Céline - After December 3, 1882.

From Sister Agnès to Céline. After 3rd December 1882 (?)



Darling little Céline,

Just a line in response to your lovely little letter this morning

I am very pleased with your attitude. Continue, my Pet. [1 v°] The more you want goodness and love it, the more it will fill your soul. Virtue is not so difficult. Give in to your little sister, be very gentle with your companions, and humbly accept your teachers’ remarks without answering back … after all, is this so difficult to do? It isn’t… Well, you must do all these little kindnesses for the Child Jesus… Christmas is fast [2 r°] approaching, and you must think of the Crib. Whatever you do, don’t forget the charming novena, but in the meantime continue to be very good, my darling…

Farewell, you’re my little daughter, and as such I’m sending you true maternal kisses.

Your Agnès.

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