From sr Agnès of Jesus to Céline - January 6-13, 1883.

From Sister Agnès to Céline. 6th-13th January 1883.


Live Jesus

Darling petit Célin,

I’m looking forward to receiving your letter; I think Marie will bring it tomorrow morning.

Give me good [1 v°] news above all, tell me you’ve been good and docile, that you’re trying to become humble, obedient, and gentle oh! that’s what would make me happy, and not only me, for that wouldn’t count for much, but also the Child Jesus, the lovable little King who sorely wants to reign in my little Céline’s heart. [2 r°] Have you thought of offering him gifts for Epiphany alongside the Wise Men? If you haven’t done so make some quickly before Sunday (14th January) which is the last day of the Octave. Oh! My little darling, be very, very good. Let’s console the Divine Child of the Crib who today is so little known, and so affronted. [2 v°] You can see I’m talking to you like a grown up and it’s true I no longer consider you as a baby. At 13 one is responsible, it’s the least one should be.

Farewell, little daughter, love me as much as I love you.

Your Agnès

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