From sr Agnès of Jesus to Céline - April 3-4, 1883.

From Sister Agnès to Céline. 3rd – 4th (?) April 1883.


Live Jesus!

My darling little Célin,

Look what a good little sister I am, because without any reason I’m picking up my pen to come and say [1 v°] hello. It’s because I thought, I thought… I don’t want to say… well I thought you might be hurt if I wrote to your cousins and didn’t have anything to say to you. Replace hurt with… the word I’m thinking of and which you can guess, and then you’ll know what I don’t want to say.

[2 r°] Dear little daughter, of course I still love you! Love God very much, as well as your family, practice virtue, think of Heaven and you shall be the best child under the Sun.

I’m so looking forward to Friday and embracing you. I hope you’ll also be happy and that there’ll be no tears [2 v°] or sadness that day since our Thérèse is feeling better. How kind it is of God to have been healing her for me these last few days.

Farewell darling little child, you’re the most precious treasure I keep in my heart… a treasure that I look upon and caress a thousand times a day.

Your Agnès.

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