From sr Agnès of Jesus to Céline - December 1884 (?).

From Sister Agnès to Céline. December 1884 (?).


Live Jesus!

Darling little Céline,

I’ve come to thank you for your lovely little letter. If only you knew how much pleasure it brought me and how much it [1 v°] comforted me.

Oh, you shall be a good girl, a very, very good girl! Dearest, continue with your efforts but remember that by yourself you’ll never be able to manage to correct yourself of even the least of your faults. Every day [2 r°] after your morning prayer, ask for the help of grace, ask the Child Jesus to come into your heart and fight with you and for you.

But my darling little child, I’ve one more piece of advice for you: don’t fret too much about either avoiding evil or [2 v°] doing good. Simply continue straight on your little path without overly worrying and when the opportunity presents itself to show little Jesus your faithfulness and prove your love to him by way of some sacrifice, then devote yourself entirely to the matter at hand.

Farewell my darling, I haven’t the time to explain why I’m making this remark; one fine morning by some little trick while you’re clutching the bars of the grille [2 v° tv] I’ll tell you. In the meantime I send my love to my darling little daughter, my goddaughter and my first communicant.

Your Agnès.

[2 r° tv] The day you write as badly as me, I’ll give you a good scolding.

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