From sr Agnès of Jesus to Céline - August 1885.

From Sister Agnès to Céline. August (?)1885

Darling little daughter,

I was very pleased to receive your letter. Mother Marie de Gonzague also enjoyed reading it. I assure you that as I fell asleep that night, my heart felt very joyful and filled with consolation as I thought of you, my darling little daughter (Céline had just finished boarding school).

How right you are [1v°] to turn neither your thoughts nor your heart towards the world. It’s true that everything here below is ephemeral and that we can only be happy by following God, by doing everything to please him, even that which costs us the most; and it’s precisely the things which cost us the most that we must seek and offer with joy because love is proved more through sacrifice than through feeling. It’s Jesus [2 r°] who gives us feeling, he can take it away when he chooses, but the little sacrifices we can offer him each day are our own possessions, and we must always give these possessions to our Beloved.

Therefore, petit Célin, you must not ignore any opportunity to demonstrate your love and gratitude to Him who gives you so much. Oh! Your little heart must always be wide open to receive [2v°] your Jesus. And how do you open it? Ah! It’s through being faithful to all that grace inspires, by shunning sin, even the shadow of sin, especially horrid pride, which displeases God so much. It will also be through dedication, and self-denial. Ask Mary, my darling little daughter, the meaning of dedication and self-denial! She will be able to explain all that to you. I beg of you, entrust her with all that you have entrusted to me, I would be very hurt if you didn’t do so. She is so good, she will understand you so well. But I’m not forcing you, do what God inspires you to do.

Je t'en prie, confie lui tout ce que tu m'as confié, j'aurais beaucoup de peine si tu ne le faisais par Elle est si bonne, elle te comprendra si bien.

Farewell, my beloved petit Célin. It is I who fully knows you at present! You are most kind to [2 v° tv] demonstrate so must trust in me. Be assured that I won’t forget to mention you to Jesus! I’ll ask him to let you know what his will is for the future, but in the meantime, my darling, you must be at peace, and not worry too much about what will happen later. Jesus is holding his little Céline by the hand, may she kiss this blessed hand from time to time and entirely surrender herself to its guidance. [I v° tv]

When you need to open your heart, you must write to the little Sister

Agnès of Jesus.

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