From sr Agnès to Céline - October 20,1891.

From sr Agnès to Céline - October 20,1891.

20th October 91
Darling petit Célin1, I’ve not a drop of ink in my poor little cell to wish you a happy feast day! As I take up the pencil, I cannot help but remember the letter in pencil all wet with tears that you wrote us from Paris when the Father left! [1 v°] You were coming back from meeting him in Le Havre and Papa was in such a state!... Poor little Céline! How you suffered!... But don’t you find, like I do, that it is sweeter to remember the days of mourning and tears than the days of joy! Our hearts are not made for even [2 r°] the purest joy. They are made only for the joy of heaven, and only suffering alone can satisfy them on earth.
Darling Céline, how sweet it is, also, not knowing what Jesus has in store for us in the future… Yes, it is a great delight indeed to live a life of surrender from day to [2 v°] day, in uselessness if he wishes! What does it matter being useless if it’s what Jesus wants! And what is useful in this world other than love of God alone… with him we can save souls, that is our mission, is that not very useful?
O my little Céline, desire nothing on earth!... I hope [2 v° tv] you will understand me!
I love you and wish you a happy feast day.
Your little sister
Agnès of Jesus
u c n.
[1 r° tv] Do congratulate Uncle on behalf of all the Community for his magnificent article on Mr. Colombe (obituary signed “I.G.” in the newspaper ‘Le Normand’ on 17th October. Doctor Pierre Colombe had just died at the age of thirty-six, leaving six children, the last of whom was seven months old).

Alas! Jesus alone will write the one for our poor Father, but why say alas! Aren’t the newspapers in Heaven as good as those on earth?

1 Term of endearment.

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