From sr Agnès to Céline - October 25 (?), 1891.

From sr Agnès to Céline - October About 25th(?), 1891

Little Céline, I was expecting you yesterday. Our dear Mother is sick (Marie de Gonzague), we were very afraid yesterday morning but don’t worry and don’t tell Marie anything, for she is better this evening and our hearts are reassured. I told her I was going to ask her little Céline for meat jelly, and she smiled, I could see that this pleased her… Our darling Mother lets herself be nursed like a little child. If we didn’t hold back we would embrace her all day long. Little Céline, if you come today, don’t come before ¼ past 3 (tomorrow we are washing).
[r° tv] Tell Aunt that our Mother is sick; she is the one who knows how to make good jelly! Give her this little compliment from me so that I might again have the opportunity of giving it to her another time.

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