From sr Agnès to Céline - December 5, 1891.

From sr Agnès to Céline - December 5, 1891.

Little Céline, Our Saint (Mother Geneviève) has just left us! Today Saturday, as the first Angelus was ringing in an indescribable peace but after such terrible pain that we were all calling for the hour of deliverance!
And now it is [1 v°] all over! Her Heaven has begun! Her sufferings are forgotten, she is rejoicing forever!

Little Céline, I can say no more, I am too moved… My tears are flowing! Oh, life! What must her 86 years appear like to her now? Let’s, let’s become saints!

How present you were at her bed of agony! And how hard she is going to pray for you, and for Papa…
Sr. Agnès of Jesus
[2 r°] Tell little Léonie and Marie that they were there too!

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