From sr Agnès to Céline - December 11, 1891.

From sr Agnès to Céline - December 11, 1891. 


You are indeed the daughter of Mother Geneviève! In what heartfelt manner you seek to preserve her precious features for us!... Thank you! (Céline had lent her camera to the Carmel and given Sister Agnès a great deal of advice about how to take photographs of Mother Généviève on her bier in the choir). I do believe I’ve failed again this time, it’s much too large… but I couldn’t do otherwise. Our Mother didn’t want her to be moved like yesterday so I took her like [1 v°] Mrs. Besnier but as I was unable to move further back than the grille, I was forced to take it as you see her. But it is dark in the choir, and it’s impossible to distinguish the eyes as you advised… I’ve failed once more, I’m sure of it. I comfort myself in advance by happily thinking that our Holy Mother’s gentle face is forever engraved in my heart. And then life is not so long, soon I’ll see her in heaven, no longer inanimate and in shadow but immortal and [2 r°] radiant in the shadowless brilliance of eternity.

Farewell little Céline, let’s trust God and take heart while waiting for this blessed life! Mother Geneviève has dived into it!... I got up this morning at 4 o’clock to watch over her…. If only you knew what sweet perfume of holiness rises from her coffin!... A week ago tomorrow she flew into Heaven! And we still have her… admirably preserved, she seems to be peacefully sleeping.

Sr. Agnès of Jesus


[2 v°] Give my love to Aunt for me and thank her for all the kindness she has shown our Mother…

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