From sr Agnès to Céline - August 14, 1892.

From sr Agnès to Céline - August 14, 1892. 


Darling little Céline,

I thank you for the photograph, which is perfect. I will use the small one. As for the Father’s painting, I will try to have it ready for Friday evening, but I don’t think I’ll be able to colour it, it seems too glazed to me, well I will try to please you.

[1 v°] I am very glad you are finding some distractions in La Musse. Oh, what solitude! What wonderful countryside! How desirable it would be if I didn’t think that infinite horizons are reserved for me in Heaven! Céline, is there anything that can satisfy us on this earth now? Today there is Perpetual Adoration at the Carmel, and through the choir grille I see more things in the shadows than if I saw the whole world in the pale light of the earth’s sun. Jesus! He is our world, he is our countryside, our woods, our solitude, [2 r°] our all! Ah, I am weary of earth! Weary even of that which should bring me rest. Céline, do you understand that? Do you understand that even the monstrance can be tiring too?... And yet it’s true, for we thirst for the dazzling light of heaven, our heart is on the rack… and Jesus remains silent. He doesn’t reveal himself! No matter how often we say “life is but a day”, it still seems long to me…

Céline, I will seem most odd today, don’t hold it against me, there are moments when the heart feels [2 v°] so exiled. Oh, how dull the world seems, and how senseless its pleasures! How can we love a life that keeps us so far from God?... Isn’t it incredible?

Farewell, my little Céline, I don’t know what I’m saying, but with you I can think out loud without seeking anything else.

Your little Thérèse is not writing to you because she is too busy in the sacristy. Yet I would have liked her to send you a little note. Oh, she is such an agreeable soul to God and so enlightened by his divine light! Well, the rest of us are no less privileged [3 r°] with regard to his lights, for we are hardly experiencing a shortage of them!...

Marie wrote a very long letter to Our Mother; it was quite a newspaper, and brought her great pleasure. She also thinks she has all that is required to be a Saint, tell her this for I doubt she will be able to write to her today due to the services.

Give the most affectionate greetings you can think of to Uncle and Aunt, and tell Francis I congratulate him for having nursed Jeanne so well. Give a kiss to Jeanne from the three of us, did she receive my letter?

[3 v°] Doctor La Néele’s signature was such that I could only make out the name Dr. Salles. It was my cousinly or rather sisterly affection that helped me discover the real name.

Hug little Marie very, very tightly (underlined about twenty times) on behalf of her little Carmelite sisters, and give her an especially big hug from her dear Mother…

All four of us kiss our petit Célin1 very tenderly, Mother first.

[3 r° tv] I received some small pears and delicious plums, and also a melon for Our Mother and this certainly made our day but we didn’t receive any chocolate, I’m telling you this because you mentioned it, it might be an oversight. Whatever you do, don’t mention it because Uncle and Aunt are kind enough to us as it is!


1 Term of endearment.

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