From sr Agnès to Céline - October 31, 1892.

From sr Agnès to Céline - October 31, 1892. 


Little Céline, if only you knew how touched I was by your flowers! (probably for All Saints’ Day)... But I told you not to buy anything…

I’m sending you the books, if you wanted to lend me the 2nd and 3rd little volumes of “Nos grandeurs en Jésus (by Mgr. de Ségur)”, I would be very pleased, but if you are using one of them, just send me one… I would also be just as pleased if Aunt gave us some tuna for All Saints’ Day. If you find it is indiscreet to tell her this, write me a little note before this evening, but don’t fail to do so because we won’t be able to buy anything tomorrow… Ask Jeanne to bring the little box and letter for Mr. de Belleville when she leaves, and thank her. The three of us send her our love… Will you be bringing forward Aunt’s feast day celebration this year?

Farewell, my darling little Céline, I send you kisses and love you with all my heart… Oh, how tender, and how delicate your heart is, I never knew you so well until our last conversation in the visiting room…

Tomorrow is Mother Geneviève’s feast day! For is she not one of the great saints in Heaven? Let us pray to her together, for she loved us so much.

Sr. Agnès of Jesus

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