From sr Agnès of Jesus to Céline - September 26, 1890.

From sr Agnès of Jesus to Céline - September 26, 1890.

Little Céline,

Don’t come before 3 o’clock today… It seems you cried a lot with Sr. Thérèse of the C. J. on the day she took the Veil. I was very sad to hear it… I pray for God to heal you and, if indeed it’s his will, to bring Papa back; he would give you the strength and energy that will be so necessary for you.
My petit Célin1, all I do is think of you, I would so like not to see you so sad, [1 v°] it breaks my heart, but I know it’s not your fault… We used to have such good little chats in the visiting room, the half-hour went by quickly but was so full, and now tears flow, it’s sad…
My little Céline, pray with us for God to give you joy in your heart again and health… We can have so much peace and joy in our souls amid even the most immense bitterness. But sadness and tears don’t solve anything and destroys strength. Our darling Mother who is now in heaven did not often [2 r°] cry on earth and yet she suffered. We can shed tears from our hearts all our lives but not from our eyes, unless we have received the gift of tears.
My darling little Céline, I don’t know what else to say, we all feel so heavy-hearted thinking of you!...
May Jesus heal you and may he not allow us to be unable to do you any more good…

Now I’m afraid I’ve upset you… But no it’s impossible for you not to understand what is in my heart.
I love you SO MUCH (underlined ten times).

Sr. Agnès of Jesus
[1 r° tv] When you come I will give you Mr. La Néele’s book.


1 Term of endearment

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