From sr Agnès de Jésus to Céline - February 2 or 9, 1890

From sr Agnès of Jesus to Céline - February 2 or 9, 1890


Dear little Céline,

Please arrange your trip for Tuesday or Wednesday. If you leave tomorrow I won’t have finished the pictures I must send to Mr. Dedouit.

In any case they will be ready Tuesday morning as will the letter from Our Mother for the Visitation. Will you take them in passing at ½ past 4 on Tuesday? The washing will be finished so you’ll be able to ask for us. If you come tomorrow I will not be able to go to the visiting room because of my pictures which are urgent…

[v°] I saw your little verses (a poem entitled “Dew”), yes, my darling, you will have an evening too and it shall be beautiful! But in the meantime work hard during the short day that is this life; work to earn yourself a sparkling evening of Eternity. Jesus is already putting lace and diamonds of inestimable value onto your dress. O precious cross, who can estimate your worth?

See you soon,

Your little sister
Agnès of Jesus


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