From sr Agnès of Jesus to Céline - June 17 (?), 1888.

From Sister Agnès of Jesus to Céline. 17th (?) June 1888.

My darling petit Célin1, don’t forget to tell Aunt that we are celebrating Our Mother’s feast day on Wednesday (Marie de Gonzague).

Don’t forget to send us a dessert either, I mean a big dish of cream… To really treat us, we’d need a little brother for the big dish, as for Sr. M. of the S. H.’s Profession. Make sure the cream is well set so that it can be a gift. We will give it in the name of Léonie, and you, darling, will [v°1] have your lovely painting, I’m delighted about it.

If you are able to send us the little chain and cross your godfather sent you, we would like it for St. Agnes (that is to say for Thérèse, who would play the role of Saint Agnes on 21st June).

Farewell darling, I love you a thousand times more dearly since 15th. Now you also can say: “It’s Jesus Christ I love, he has put his sign on my forehead.”

A little feast day letter from you and Léonie is indispensable.


1 Term of endearment

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