From sr Agnès of Jesus to Céline - October 20, 1888.

From Sister Agnès of Jesus to Céline. 20th October 1888


Darling petit Célin1,

Happy feast day! Alas we still haven’t heard any news (from Father Pichon).

Your bouquet, my darling, will therefore be the cross, the cross of waiting and perhaps soon the real cross, the cross of departure! But take comfort, our turn will come to embark too, not for a foreign country but for the real Homeland…

All the better if we suffer here below, it’s a sign of a good crossing. [v°] It’s a sign of the special love that the Divine Pilot Jesus has for us!...

Farewell my beloved. Don’t think you’re isolated, alone, or abandoned, for you are always in the company of Angels since Jesus alone is your only Friend. The other young girls who dream about earthly pleasures and unions have every reason to complain of the emptiness they feel in their hearts, but for the fiancée who waits for her divine Wedding day, there’s no longer the silence of exile, or the crushing silence that casts a shadow over your soul; there’s already the melody of the great day, Cécilia’s melody… Father d’Argentan [tv] says that for God everything is in the present (“Conférences théologiques et spirituelles sur les grandeurs de Dieu”, vol. I, p. 299; vol. II, p. 30). It’s infinitely consoling to explore this mystery! He has, therefore, always seen me as his Spouse for I would become so one day. I have therefore always been in his bosom just as I’ll be there for all eternity…  

Little Céline, give a big hug to Léonie for me, for I love her so much!


1 Term of endearment.

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