From sr Agnès of Jesus to Céline - December 31, 1889.

From sr Agnès of Jesus to Céline - December 31, 1889.

31st December 89
Happy New Year my darling petit Célin1! Alas! what will this year bring?... let us abandon ourselves to God…
This evening as I recalled the memories of this past year, which has been so full of crosses… I can’t help but feel a spiritual joy… All things have passed! Our tears, our sighs, our anguishes have fallen into eternity! All our treasures [1 v°] are in the hands of Jesus!...
We are holding a vigil tonight until midnight. Ah! Who would have thought that on 31st December 88 Papa’s clock would chime midnight in the Choir Stalls of the Carmel on 31st December 89?... What a lot of upheavals there are in life! But life is nothing or rather it’s a momentary death that allows us to subsequently live for eternity.
I will make your picture as best I can; as for the words, what you indicated is simply one of my thoughts…
[2 r°] My darling get well soon… But I admit I’m not afraid of seeing you die, for it seems to me that you still have a long road ahead of you. Ah let’s become Saints! Saints, brave in all trials.

It seems Jesus is asking this of us. He is so very unsparing with his cross but is even more so with grace, strength and light!
Farewell my petit Célin, let us allow what passes to pass! May [2 v°] nothing occupy us or distract us from our unique goal! O folly of the world!
It appears Mr. Colombe has just died (at the age of 54 – it was he who had lent his chalet in Deauville to the Guérins in May 1885. He had five daughters, one of whom was Alice). I can still see Alice talking about Papa at the time he left. Mr. Colombe was very moved… he had heard a thousand things said about our poor Father; not one was truer than the next and I don’t want to write them down because they are heart-breaking. Despite what I was able to say, Alice could hardly believe me, I could see that well enough!...
And now poor Mr. Colombe is gone! How will he judge Papa’s trial of humiliation now?... How?... O mystery of the other life!!!
[2 v° tv] Our dear Mother wishes you a happy New Year and a prompt recovery! She loves you with all her heart…

1 Term of endearment.

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