From sr Agnès of Jesus to Céline – October 22, 1889.

From sr Agnès of Jesus to Céline – October 22, 1889.

22nd October
My Darling petit Célin1,

How can I forget your feast day when I think of you all day long? It’s most incomprehensible…
Again last night I was with you and I spoke to you… Did our dear Mother read you the little passage of her letter from the Father in which he spoke of you? Well [I v°] you who wanted reassurances; here they are! I find God is admirable to us… His ways are hidden from us but his kindness breaks through all the veils… In our lives there are big storms which can last a long time!... But the lightning flashes refresh our souls instead of consuming them. These blessed flashes show us the worthlessness of all things that come to an end!...

[2 r°] Yesterday I was reading the life of a holy Carmelite nun who after 4 years of religious life was struck by this terrible illness… As a very holy friar had just come by the convent, the Mother Prioress begged him to recommend this nun to God. He replied that he would not do so, because he had seen her soul in a state of grace and already among the choirs of virgins. Moreover God was glorified no longer in his servant’s works but in her uselessness. Isn’t this very mysterious and consoling? [2 v°] O my darling Céline, let’s become saints, it’s not that difficult, where love is concerned nothing is a burden.

I send you all my affection, which is not small. Farewell my little daughter whom I prepared for her First Communion. Oh! Happy day! But a happier one will come yet (the day Céline would be professed as a Carmelite).

I’m wishing it for you as a feast day gift

Sr. Agnès of Jesus.

1 Term of endearment.

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