From sr Agnès of Jesus to Céline - April 1892.

From sr Agnès of Jesus to Céline - April 1892. 


Little Céline,

I’ve come to beg you to quickly take a shot of Mother Geneviève; a really, really good one the size of the photograph of the Sacred Heart I’m sending you, because if it was smaller you wouldn’t see the cross, but it mustn’t be too big either. It doesn’t have to be oval. It’s to send to the Carmel in Châlons this month. It is to be the gift from Our Mother to an elderly Sister who’s celebrating her 50th on 24th April… The Mother Prioress is insisting on having a little relic of Mother Geneviève [ lv°] for each of the Sisters and it would be nice to stick a photograph of our Saint on each card with a little piece of clothing on it. But we will do that… O my little Céline, if it’s not impossible, would you do me just 26 little photographs. Put them all on the same piece of paper, I will cut them out… To avoid giving you any trouble, Our Mother would like to entrust her big photograph to a photographer, but showing Our Mother Geneviève in this way is hard for her, as it is for me; it would be so nice, and so pure if it was done by the hands of our little Céline. You mentioned sensitive paper and transferring to me, I don’t understand, take pity on your poor little sister, do her this little kindness, for she loves you so, so much. O my darling little goddaughter (of Confirmation), don’t refuse me this! Or else I shall shed tears on the sensitive paper!

Little Marie, the artist’s inseparable companion, come quickly, help her to transfer!

Darling Céline, our talk in the visiting room has stayed with me like a balm!…

Our beloved Mother wrote to Caen that very day (concerning Mr. Martin’s return to his family. Mother Marie de Gonzague made the request to the Mother Superior of the establishment herself. Mr. Guérin hoped he could be cared for by a nurse from the Bon Sauveur hospital), if only you knew what a beautiful letter she wrote, it made me cry!... If our request is not granted, it is because God will make sure you find what you need, [2v°] do not be upset by it.

Farewell, my little Céline. Give our love to our dear little Léonie, Marie, Uncle and Aunt.

If, in a stroke of bad luck for me, you can’t immediately do my little photographs, straight away, take the shot for me and come as soon as you can to explain the sensitive paper and the transfer to me. You understand how urgent it is, but I’m hoping you will do everything, and for the end of next week. O thank you in advance.

Your little sister who loves you.

Sister Agnès of Jesus


Our darling Mother sends you her love, if only you knew how good she is, and how much she loves you! Tell Marie that she hasn’t been forgotten at the Carmel… She has a true Mother here (in Marie de Gonzague. Since Thérèse’s Taking of the Veil on 24th September 1890, Marie Guérin’s attraction for the Carmel had grown stronger. We can assume that Mother Marie de Gonzague progressively took charge of her spiritual development, even if her vocation would not be taken up until 1895).

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