From sr Agnès of Jesus to Céline - August 28, 1889.

From sr Agnès of Jesus to Céline - August 28 (?), 1889.

Dear little Céline,

Our dear Mother was very touched by your letter. (Mother Marie de Gonzague had just lost her brother Alexander on 21st August). At the moment she has another cross to carry, which is also very heavy! Dear Victor was so devoted to the Community (Victor Bonaventure, the gardener-sacristan of the Carmel, had just died on 27th August at the age of 44 from typhoid fever). We are all very saddened by his death. Will you be able to come to [1 v°] his funeral? Unless there’s a very important reason, I beg of you, don’t either you or Léonie miss it. If Uncle could come as well… Well the more people come, the more grateful we’ll be.

So that’s life! Who can we count on here below…? Ah! all events on this poor [2 r°] earth detach us from it more and more… If only we could measure up to Saint Teresa who said at the end of her life: “Things of this life cause me neither pleasure nor pain. To them I am like someone asleep who would have a dream and forget it once awake.” Ah! My darling, let us also rise up and live [2 v°] in heaven rather than on earth. Let us seek only that which will take us to the blessed port more safely.

Pleasing creatures is such nothingness, such a lie. It is when faced with death that we understand this! Pleasing no one but God, God alone, is the only ambition for a heart that is created for Heaven.

Recently I read that a holy nun whose sister was in the same monastery saw her rise to heaven two days after her death, in the form of a light cloud, out of which came a voice saying: “My sister, I’m going to God! Oh! If only you knew what glory will be mine! [2 v° tv] Today I do not regret by any means having humbled and despised myself on earth for Jesus…”
May we one day speak the same words!
Farewell, my darling,
Sr. Agnès of Jesus
[1 r° tv] Best wishes to everyone – thank you thank you for all the provisions, you spoil us.

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