From sr Agnès of Jesus to Céline – March 7, 1892.

From sr Agnès of Jesus to Céline – March 7, 1892.


Little Céline,

Your painting is truly a masterpiece, I admit I place it higher than all those you have done up until now… The Blessed Virgin is heavenly! And the delightful little Angels are each nicer than the next… I’ll tell you what I think; I find that 350 F for a painting like this is nothing. Well, it’s for God and the glory of the Blessed Virgin. I believe that Fr. de la Brugère (chaplain of the Augustines in Bayeux) and his sisters will be ecstatic… and say that the Carmelite nun is a truly extraordinary artist (in theory, the work was painted at the Carmel of Lisieux)… Provided that this painting doesn’t draw others! … I assure you it’s tempting! If you had seen Our Mother’s face!... She appeared to regret being obliged to give the beautiful painting away! I am sorry for it, too… Listen, my little Céline, from now on your talent is for us, and not for selling… Oh! what bliss it will be once you are well-rested! I have many dreams to tell you about…

Farewell, my little Céine. Do thank Aunt for all her kindness, and tell I love her lots and lots. Give my love to Uncle also, whom I love no less! and to little [v°tv] Léonie and Marie.

Thérèse of the Child Jesus remained before your beautiful masterpiece as though she had seen a vision of Heaven (in 1893, Thérèse would draw inspiration from Céline’s little cherubs to paint the fresco in the Oratory).

Céline, may Jesus shower his graces upon you! And may he paint his divine likeness onto your soul!... Don’t fear suffering, for it is when the heart suffers that the brushstrokes are of the Master’s hand… Oh! How easy it is to be saintly since all you have to do is be a canvas, without saying anything, without doing anything… and just let yourself be painted…

Dear little painting belonging to Jesus, your features were sketched a long time ago… And look how beautiful it is already!... I don’t fear telling you this since I’m doing nothing but complimenting Jesus’ work… Whatever you do, don’t try meddling with that painting, you would spoil everything… leave it…. leave it to the Divine Artist!

Your little Agnès of Jesus


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