From sr Agnès of Jesus to Céline - June 9-10, 1890.

From sr Agnès of Jesus to Céline - June 9-10, 1890.

Little Céline,

I’m sending you Mr. Dedouit’s pictures. Sr. M. of the Sacred Heart must have told you about a photograph belonging to Madame de Liesville (Mother Marie de Gonzague’s niece) which will be sent to you from Caen soon. I believe Mr. Gombault will address it to Uncle. Inform him [1 v°] it’s very important, then AS SOON AS YOU RECEIVE IT, put it in an envelope with my address on and get it to me quickly. Our Mother is sorry that Miss Godard knows about the portrait (of Mgr. Robin- it would be painted by Céline and is today with the Augustinian sisters); it’s true it is annoying, it would have been better not to have let anyone know, especially after having accepted to do it at the Carmel. [2 r°] I’m sure people will say that it was Miss Godard who did it, people invent so many things. Well don’t worry but if you can paint this portrait on your own it would please me enormously. At the risk of it not being so good, it will still be better than if it’s done by me. I would honestly like to know if you find faults in the sketching of my little portraits, I have a reason [2 v°] for asking you this. Vanity aside, if only for the Community, I would be very angry if they are a cause of amusement in town, and everything is so widely known. Ah! if only you knew, little Céline, what peace we savour working out of obedience alone. It’s most sweet to try because what bother we would have otherwise! I would have had it with my portraits by now but, after all, is it not Jesus who puts the paintbrush in my hand, whether I’m a reputed artist or not. What does it matter if I become an artist in virtue…

Your little sister who loves you
Sr. Agnès of Jesus

[1 r° tv] We remembered Jeanne’s betrothal (8th June).
Your own ring shall not be placed beneath the hydrangea by a mortal fiancé… Jesus doesn’t trample that which he gives to his Virgins... And what does he give? Where is his ring, where are the precious diamonds? Ah! What mysteries, but they are no longer completely unfathomable for us… Do you understand?

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