From sr Agnès of Jesus to Céline - March 5, 1889.

From Sister Agnès of Jesus to Céline. 5th March (?) 1889.


My darling Céline,

Your letters upset us very much, but let’s not lose heart: Jesus is still there! Ah! What a tough trial He has sent us! His designs on us must be very great to make us suffer so much. Sr. M. of the S.H. said tonight that our Mother made this remark to her: “Your Father is very good but I don’t know how he will buy Heaven, for I have never seen him suffer very much. And yet one needs to suffer to enter it”… Well, here is that suffering! Ah! Let’s pray, pray so that our poor beloved father bears it with courage. Uncle was so heartbroken reading your letter that he immediately sent Aunt to ask us what to do. Had we told him to leave this evening, he would have taken the [1 v°] train and brought Papa back to us. Our poor uncle really has a good heart… Aunt was also shattered but, for me, the injunction seems so frightening that I don’t know what is better for our poor Father, the Bon Sauveur or enduring the injunction…

According to what you say, my darling Céline, it could be an attack. Must we say: Let’s hope so? Poor life, poor earth! Yes, let’s hope for the cross; let’s expect nothing but the cross, for it’s the only thing that leads to God, and Heaven!

Don’t fear telling us everything, no you are no less worthy because of it. During his agony Jesus sought the heart of a friend. He didn’t find it, which is the way in which Jesus suffered more than us! Ah! Let’s have only his name and the memory of him on our lips and in our hearts. Simply loving Jesus and accepting his cross is already heaven… I cannot help but believe that in this time of sin, Jesus needs [2 r°] faithful friends, but how can he be sure of their faithfulness if he comes to them without his cross. That’s why his Love immediately plants it in the hearts he wants for Himself and for no one else… Suffering provides us with a glimpse of his love for us, and suffering also reassures him that we reciprocate. Let’s trust him and rejoice for having drawn this privilege upon us. Jesus came like the Bridegroom in the Song of Songs, he knocked on our door: “Open unto me, my sister, my Spouse, my beloved,” he said, “for my head is wet with dew and my hair with the drops of the night” (Song of Songs. 5:2). This shows where he had come from; humiliation, contempt, and pain, during the night of sin, the night of this world; it also showed what he had just done: claim hospitality and consolation…; we opened unto him but the Cross came in with Him. Jesus doesn’t enter his friends’ houses without it. Wherever Jesus is, his cross is also…

[2 v°] Farewell, my darling, I’m so sick at heart I don’t know what I’m writing. These feeble words are going to mean nothing to you… We’re expecting you Thursday. How you both must be suffering! And Papa!... It’s heartbreaking! Let us raise our eyes to heaven, and increase our pleas; God’s arm is no shorter and his love even less… Let’s not forget what Father (Pichon) says: “hopeless hours are God’s hours”… Lastly let us rouse our strength by kissing the hand that strikes us, and by pressing it to our hearts… We see it armed with a sword but our eyes deceive us for it is only holding crowns.

Our dear Mother wanted to write to you the day before yesterday; I prevented her from doing so believing everything was going well and intending to give Aunt a letter to take to you on Thursday.

Forgive me.

The little angel will give you her thoughts on Thursday … She is suffering a great deal but she is so generous!

[1 r° tv] We don’t dare write to Papa

754. From Céline to her sisters Agnès, M. of the S.H. and Thérèse 10th March 1889. Fragment.

... For several days now, he hasn’t asked to leave; he has resigned himself to staying “as long as we want”.

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