From sister Agnès de Jésus to Céline and Thérèse - June 16 (?) , 1887

From Agnes of Jesus to Céline and Thérèse.

June 16, 1887

Sister Agnes was on retreat, for she was about to leave the novitiate on June 21, after three years of Profession. She was not able to visit with her sisters on Friday, the 17th; hence the written message.

On this same day of June 16, M. Martin and his three daughters spent the day in the country at Tou­ques. L'abbé Lepelletier, pastor of Saint-Pierre at Lisieux, accompanied them in order to get a lesson in fishing. The priest, on this occasion, gave Céline a lesson in sketching, and so we have a sketch of Thérèse, her hair flowing freely, while she picks wild flowers.

J. M. J. T.


If our Mother permits it, the little white dove will show you a little cherry which was the object this evening of a sweet medita­tion during collation.

Notice how beautiful the fruit is, but where did it come from? You will tell me that it is from a flower. Yes, from a flower; the fruit came and replaced the flower. But this is precisely what delighted me. Do you see the poor little flower at the end of the stem? Its discolored remains are all you can recognize now. Well, this is an image of youth and good desires; this is an image of you and me, too. We love, we desire, and that represents the flower; this love and these desires will become the little red fruit in the gentle sun of the Heart of Jesus.

Oh, my darlings, pray that my flower will soon dry out and the cherry will be good to pick.

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