From sr Agnès of Jesus to Céline - May 15, 1890.

From sr Agnès of Jesus to Céline - May 15, 1890.

My petit Célin1,

You know that today we begin the Great Pentecost Retreat. If our Beloved Mother lets you see the little lamb on Saturday (17th May), it’s because [1 v°] she takes too much pity on her little lamb Céline. She is indeed a little lamb exiled from the Sheepfold… When you will have asked for Our Mother in the little visiting room come confessional, she will do as she pleases.

Farewell my darling, give my affectionate regards to all the family, and a big kiss to Léonie, does she have her embroidered skirt!!... [2 r°] May Our Lord give us his blessing as he ascends to heaven! Here we are in the Stations of the Cross and today we can see where it leads. O royal way; if only the world knew you! But it doesn’t, it prefers the broad road (Mt. 7:13).
Blessed are we to have faith. There are mysteries hidden in the smallest words of the [2 v°] Holy Gospel. Just last Wednesday we read the following beautiful passage from the speech after the Last Supper: “Father, the hour has come. Glorify your Son (Jn. 17:1).” I said to myself: at what moment did Jesus say this prayer? At the beginning of his Passion, humiliation and suffering!... Yes, it was at that moment that Jesus claimed his glory and the hour had come to give it to him!...

Céline, do you understand? Do you understand that the cross is the only real glory. Let’s not ask for another here below… Soon our ascension will come, let us not desire it too much, let us rather desire the will of God.
[2 v° tv] What a fine model of resignation the Blessed Virgin is. How she must have suffered without her Jesus!...

1 Term of endearment.

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