From sr Agnès de Jésus to Céline - February 12‑15, 1888.

From Agnes of Jesus to Céline 

February 12-15 (?), 1888


My dear little Céline,

Our beloved Mother and Mother Geneviève find that it would be better not to talk again about Thérèse's matter immediately. You will see that all will go well at the suitable moment.

I kiss all three of you with my whole heart. Spend a good Lent and be very fervent.

Love God who loves you so much and don’t fear suffering life’s little miseries for Him. Do you understand, my petit Célin1? You must give [v°] Jesus the glittering gold coin.

Pray for Monsieur de Virville, whom you saw at Caen. He is very sick. It is a great trial for our dear Mother.  Fr. Youf still talks about those little paintings of his (Céline was painting two Swiss landscapes for the chaplain of the Carmel). Could I have the second one on Wednesday or Thursday next week?

Your little sister,

Agnes of Jesus

I would like to have Thérèse read the life of several Carmelites who entered Carmel after so many trials that it would make you shudder. There is one who was to enter at the age of fourteen and a half, but she was obliged to wait until she was thirty-one. But this is not the case with Jesus' little toy; it will come bouncing into Carmel when spring shows up, soon, soon! Oh! what a grace! It is not too much to have suffered very much to obtain this.  Who wants to offer the gift of an earthenware palette that’s not too big to petit Paul (one of Pauline’s nicknames)?

1 Term of endearment.

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