From sr Agnès of Jesus to Céline - April 26, 1892.

From sr Agnès of Jesus to Céline - April 26, 1892.



26th April 92.

Darling petit Célin1,

So you want us to put our affection into words. You seemed like a right little baby to me yesterday, but I understand you. My little Céline, may Jesus bless your 23rd birthday! I will pray hard that your trust is not misplaced and that our poor Father returns. Then what a life will begin for you; it will be a life of devotion and sacrifices!... But these past [lv°] 3 years of suffering have prepared you well and if Papa could see your progress, what a change he would find in you!... Oh, what great things trials do to souls. Also, it is our years of sorrow that shape our crown according to this beautiful passage from the psalms: “The righteous shall bless God for the years they spent in strife.” Today is the eve of a certain event; either the return of Papa, or his death, and what a lot of things will happen after that…

[2r°] Oh! how we’d like to know, wouldn’t we?... It seems to me that Jesus is very pleased we are offering him this desire as a sacrifice, because then we are surrendering absolutely everything we love to his love, on which we can fully depend!

Sometimes when I go to the visiting room and am expecting news, my heart beats very fast and I can only appease it by quietly saying: “Well, my God, what I am about to be told is what I want…”

My darling little Céline, I will say farewell now… If only you [2v°] knew how much I love you!

Don’t worry, it doesn’t solve anything, let us pray together and our filial prayer will touch Jesus’ Heart.

Your little sister.

Agnès of Jesus


P.S. – I want little Mama Genevièves, please (that is to say photos of Mother Geneviève)! And no little light grey edges, I prefer them black. [lr°tv] Best wishes to everyone.

1 Term of endearment.

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