From sr Agnès of Jesus to Céline - 1890.

From sr Agnès of Jesus to Céline - 1890.

Little Céline,
This morning Sr. M. of the S. H. received this letter informing us of Mrs. Danion’s death (spiritual daughter to Fr. Pichon) [sent by Mrs. du Hamel who received it from the Father first]. Send it back as soon as possible, as requested by the lady in her letter.

Our beloved Mother begs of you to, at the same time, let her know on what day you will go to Caen, for she has a little parcel to give you for Madame de Virville’s little maid. We also need to know what time [v°] you will arrive in Caen so that Maria can be at the station. That way you won’t have the trouble of going so far and the errand will be run straight away.

Farewell little Céline. I saw you last night in my dream. Aunt was showing me around her house. Once in your room, I quickly went to the window to see what I could glimpse on the horizon. I noticed that I could see the same stars as you from our cell.

Aunt said: “Ah! My little Pauline, if only you knew what a burning heart lives in this bedroom!!”

When I awoke I couldn’t help laughing… Little burning heart, ask Jesus to pass on your flames to me.
Sr. Agnès of Jesus

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