From sr Agnès of Jesus to Céline - December 13, 1891.

From sr Agnès of Jesus to Céline - December 13, 1891. 


Little Céline,

Your letter made me shed sweet tears! Oh! If only you knew how hard it was yesterday evening when the coffin was closed (the town council had just demanded that the coffin be closed). If only you had seen Our Mother’s face flooded with tears!... We have such a need to lift our hearts on high! I imagine that our holy Mother might say softly to me: don’t seek among the dead the one who is alive …

You will come tomorrow morning and replace us out there. [v°] I do fear there will be very few people because of the bad weather and the early hour. Well, she will be accompanied by the angels…

A few days before her death, when she was no sicker than usual, Sister Madeleine, one of her first daughters, saw in a dream a multitude of little angels dressed in white crowd into the infirmary. Upon waking she told Our Mother that Mother Geneviève was undoubtedly going to die because the angels had come looking for her.

What delights me about this dream is that the angels were little! Do you understand? Yes, it was little angels that had to take Mother Geneviève to Heaven. She was so humble, so little, and so gentle!... There can’t [v° tv] be a soul more adorned with all the qualities and graces of childhood than hers.

Farewell my little Céline. How wonderful it is that the photo is a success, if only you know how incredible I find it! I had wept warm tears beside her because Our Mother wasn’t willing for me to disturb her. She took pity on my tears…

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