From sr Agnès of Jesus to Céline - June 1st, 1883

From Sister Agnès of Jesus to Céline


Live Jesus!

1st June 1883

Petit Célin

Your long letter brought me a great deal of pleasure. I would have replied sooner but I hoped to see you on Thursday and reply to you when you visited. [1 v°] So, as you can see, here is a little note that wouldn’t have gone to Les Buissonnets had you not made a sacrifice on Thursday (31st May).

Dear little one, I was delighted with your drawings, you must continue applying yourself, you’ll succeed, I’m sure.  

But above all, my darling, you must apply yourself to becoming very good, mustn’t you? We’re in the month of the Sacred [2 r°] Heart, let’s both spend it correcting ourselves of our faults, and making our souls very pleasing to Jesus… There are enough nasty people who hurt and offend Jesus who is so good! Alas, my dear pet, let’s not meddle with those who are ungrateful by growing estranged to him through our indifference. From time to time in the day let’s give him our weak and poor hearts. Let’s ask him to [2 v°] hide them in his, where they’ll grow strong. Then we’ll have less difficulty conquering our weakness in the thousands of little opportunities wherein we are always near to failing, and furthermore our poor little hearts will become rich, yes rich, with the wealth of the very Heart of Jesus, that is to say with his love.

Farewell, beloved little daughter, you’ll think I’m preaching to you but I’m not, you’re big now and I’m talking to you as my darling little confidante.

Your Agnès

[1 r° tv] Thank you for the pretty little luggage rack, everybody has admired it. It’s much too fine for a Carmelite, but it will remind me of my darling little daughter and with that in view I’ll keep it.

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