From sr Agnès of Jesus to Céline - October 20, 1890.

From sr Agnès of Jesus to Céline - October 20, 1890.

Darling petit Célin1,

I wish you a happy feast day! I have nothing to offer you this year, nothing but my affection and my heart. I would however have very much liked to send you a little painting, but I must sacrifice my feelings for duty; I haven’t got a free minute at the moment.
Little Céline, I’ve nothing to tell you… Our souls understand each other [1 v°] in silence, the mysterious silence that is full of words and is the true language of Heaven! Furthermore it’s the language of our relationship with Jesus… Oh yes! Silence, and only silence, suits our souls! I’ve an idea; for your feast day I’ll send you a short prayer that I took from one of my readings several years ago now. “O God of bounty, instill in my heart love for your eternal silence and divine word. Allow me to taste the charming delights of this eloquent [2 r°] silence that speaks only to you in inner secrecy, and speaks noiselessly, and which can open up the entire soul with one word…

Oh! how delightful I find St. Bruno when I think that he expressed all the feelings of his heart to God with a simple word that he never wanted to begin or ever stop pronouncing, but always proffer eternally, for the whole of eternity! O bounty, o bounty, o divine bounty!!! It is truly great silence when one is reduced to saying but one word. But it’s a great eloquence when this one word says more than could be explained by a long speech that lasts several years (this prayer is thought to be by Father d'Argentan).

[2 v°] So my little Céline, out of all the words you expressed: “I love you” said to Jesus, during your pilgrimage, were the best. And I love you too and can say no more.

Your little sister
Agnès of Jesus
u. c. n.

1 Term of endearment

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