From sr Agnès of Jesus to Céline - April 14-15, 1889.

From Sister Agnès of Jesus to Céline. 14th-15th April 1889.


My darling.

Take heart, Jesus is always with you. No, he never leaves his little exiled one and his love unceasingly leads him to surround her with his paternal care. Like a delicate flower burned by the sun’s ardour asks for dew to be refreshed, so your breathless soul is lifted towards Heaven and the Heart of Jesus… And what will come from it? Oh, ineffable mystery!... Fear nothing, little flower of Calvary, for in the shadow of the cross you’ll find refreshment and peace. More than that, you’ll be flooded with love. Stay there, bathed in Jesus’ blood; does the water-lily complain of overflowing and limpid waters? Be Jesus’ little water-lily… as the waters of tribulation rise, you rise as well (1 v°), rise, rise even further and never stop… then unfurl your corolla, fear nothing. Never more will a human hand be able to touch it because if there is a region where everything is untouched it’s this one; the one that is attained through suffering, the one that in an instant puts you at the level of Jesus’ Heart.

I really want to go into exile, to rise like this and, as I’m sharing my soul with you a little, I admit that I would like to rise still higher, higher than Jesus’ Heart, aren’t I rash? And yet it’s my desire, I would like the poor flower of my soul that is carried on the waters of suffering to reach the Face of Jesus so that he can quench his thirst in the moist corolla of my heart.

It’s all very well going to the Heart of Jesus [2 r°] and staying there, but all we do is receive because the Heart of Jesus is the ever-flowing fountain that gives and gives. But going higher is giving in return. Quenching Jesus’ thirst, yes, that’s sweet… By way of our trials we can dry his tears and even make him smile. He expects this of us and He has a right to do so………

My darling, I interrupted my letter or rather Jesus interrupted it for Matines and the night, now it is day and I am forced to go because it is time for meditation… I was cut short last night… But perhaps I am going to annoy you… Yet you should be grateful for my telling you my deepest thoughts. Pray for me…

Let us surrender our dear Father to our Father in Heaven since we can do nothing for Him, let’s ask him to take care of him… This [2 v°] is the reason I have peace and strength. Farewell my petit Célin1, so much the better if you can have a bit of amusement with the Pougheol family (this family had several young daughters the same age as Léonie and Céline), you need it and Jesus takes care of the smallest of your needs, Jesus loves his water-lily so much. The day will come when his Love, unable to hold back any longer, will take it out of the waves in this life and plant it in the Ocean of eternal joys. Take heart…

Sr. Agnès of Jesus

u. c. n.

It’s not worth writing to Mrs. Guérard (one of the Martins’ friends), if she hears it from others, too bad, she will have to excuse us, this is not the kind of news one is forced to publish oneself.

1 Term of endearment

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