From sr Agnès of Jésus to Céline - Oct. nov. (?) 1882. Fragment.

From Sister Agnès of Jesus to Céline. Oct. Nov. (?) 1882. Extract.

Darling petit Célin,

I should also send you a few kisses at the end of your Retreat (Beginning of term Retreat). I saw Thérèse today, I’m looking forward to Thursday when I’ll see you in turn and find out a bit about [1 v°] what effect the retreat has had on your soul. O my darling, do you know what a great grace this retreat is? You must promise to take advantage of it… and first promise to do so to God and the Blessed Virgin.

What resolutions have you taken? Don’t forget your little notebook on Thursday.

Farewell my little darling girl. Continue being so good, don’t be any trouble to Marie. Be Thérèse’s guardian [2 r°] angel, you are big enough now to take on this sweet task. And…

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