From sr Agnès of Jesus to Céline - February 16-19, 1890.

From sr Agnès of Jesus to Céline - February 16-19, 1890.

Little Céline,

Yesterday we received a provision of peas (which – according to a local custom - could have been various dried vegetables): please tell us who sent them; I’m afraid of thanking without being sure, it’s so funny! I think it was Uncle because Mr. Maudelonde doesn’t give us anything anymore (Mrs. Guérin’s brother-in-law was a seed-merchant). Well you’ll let us know.
Farewell petit Célin1, during Lent we will think of you often… I don’t miss [1 v°] conversations in the visiting room and yet I would miss yours if I didn’t almost find a presence in my memory of you… Ah! can our souls be separated? It’s in Jesus that we speak to each other without words…
Little Céline… let’s let life pass, and let’s not fear suffering.
How kind you are to have sent us the touching detail about the fig tree (unknown detail relating to Mr. Martin).
Poor Father! Ah!!!

Yesterday, we were speaking of Joan of Arc during recreation, of the joy of her old Father who followed her, they say, to the anointing of Charles VII. Sr. M. of the S. H. immediately thought of Papa, whose [2 r°] glory has passed away! But Thérèse of the Child Jesus, with a heavenly look that you know well in her, replied: “Yes, but the humiliation will pass away, too, and one day he will follow us or rather we will follow him into Heaven, and then one of his white hairs will illuminate us!”
Isn’t that a delightful thought?

Your little sister
Agnès of Jesus

1 Term of endearment

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