From Agnes of Jesus to Céline - September 5, 1890

From Agnes of Jesus to Céline .

September 5, 1890

My little Céline,

Be very careful of the crown; it's a relic. It was worn by Mother Geneviève on the day of her fiftieth anniversary, ten years ago, and for her diamond wedding this year.

I am sending you the Crucifix also in order that you may have Papa kiss it. Then the paper with the vows which our dear angel will hold in her hands when pronouncing them. She will carry this same paper in the tomb since this is a custom at Carmel.

We still do not know the hour of the Mass on Monday. We shall let you know as soon as we hear Our Father's answer.

If Papa were to understand Brother's letter from Rome and the blessing of the Holy Father, he would be very happy. Aware of our little dove's desire that dear Papa understand all her little af­fairs just a little bit, I was unable to refrain this morning from asking this favor in my Communion, and I am only hoping.

Sister Agnes of Jesus


Thank Aunt for advancing her trip and Uncle for having writ­ten to Monseigneur. We are praying for all his intentions.

The Crucifix is not the one blessed by Père Pichon at Le Havre; it was so big that it was hurting her, and I took it and gave her mine.


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