From Agnes of Jesus to Céline - September 7, 1890

From Agnes of Jesus to Céline.

September 7, 1890

My dear little Céline,

The Mass will be tomorrow at 7:30. I really fear this will spoil things, but we must let it pass....

The curtains of our little Communion grille will be from our little fiancée's dress of January 10, last year. Take notice of them.

I believe we shall all receive Holy Communion at this Mass if Our Father does not say it. If Marie really wants to come, you must take care to obtain permission for her.

Our angel is perfectly prepared; if only we could see the cele­bration that is in preparation in heaven!. . . Ah! how all the mag­nificent weddings of this earth would pale before this spectacle!

My God, when will our eyes be opened?

I wrote our happy little hermit that Papa, in a sense, would be hidden more in heaven than on earth .... It would take too long to explain what I am thinking.... May Jesus, then, have the two pretty boys of honor, namely, the two little Josephs, and she, the two darling little maids of honor, namely, little Hélène and little Thérèse.' And may the older ones, Joseph and Hélène, holding hands, take up the collection before God's throne from the Trini­ty itself, saying: "Lord, for our little exiled sisters on earth, if you please.... For our dear Father that he may come soon to be with us always," and may the purse of the heavenly and graceful col­lectors be filled immediately so that it may be emptied on us in a shower of mysterious and fruitful graces.

Aunt's oval photo is very good .... Thank you for the beautiful bouquet!!!

You cannot come twice tomorrow. Aunt wrote me that she will come. What do you expect? Come together or, if the Profession does not last a long time, come a second time to the speak room.


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