From Fr. Pichon to Céline - October 1st, 1889.

From Fr. Pichon to Céline - October 1st, 1889. Fragments.

I deeply regret her being prevented from confiding everything to you, including her scruples. There is nothing wiser than the theological advice and solutions that Jesus dictated to you for her (Marie Guérin, who had confided in Céline upon Thérèse’s recommendation; it is not known who prevented her from doing so afterwards).
I like your theology very much, and your excellent simplicity, which preserves you from every scruple. Continue on your straight and good path.
(…) have a spyglass or double vision. Your heart’s work will be worth more than a copy. I am very proud to be St. Cecilia’s angel.

I groaned at the new and very hard sacrifice of losing Les Buissonnets (since their return from La Musse, Léonie and Céline had been living with the Guérin family at number 19, Rue de la Chaussée – which later became Rue Paul‑Banaston. The lease on Les Buissonnets would end at the end of the year 1889).

But Jesus can pay for everything.
(... ) for the poor priests!
Thank you for the dear relic of grey hair (Mr. Martin’s hair).

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