From Fr. Pichon to Céline - February 23, 1888. Fragment.

From Fr. Pichon to Céline - February 23, 1888. Fragment.

Senlis 23rd February 88

I was overjoyed with your four letters. I would very much have liked to have replied to the first one immediately; it brought me the account of your great struggles, the rupture with M.L. and also this to-do, these negotiations, and these stratagems. Our Lord was very pleased with you. I applauded wholeheartedly. This was one of the best letters you’ve written in your whole life.

(In 1887, Céline chose Father Lepelletier, the 1st curate at the church of Saint Pierre, to be her confessor. He also confessed Mr. Martin and Thérèse. In the autumn, she desired to change and for a while went to Father Baillon. Then upon her return from Rome (December 1887), she chose the “priest who had accompanied us everywhere” during the pilgrimage, as Thérèse would write, Ms A, 60 r°, Father Leconte. Léonie, who had left the Visitation on 6th January 1888, did the same for a few weeks. Céline very rapidly felt uneasy, which must be placed in the context of the time, when any appearance of friendship between a young priest and a member of the opposite sex was thought of as scandalous. In any event, she left the confessor at the end of January 1888. Henceforth, she and Léonie confessed to Canon Delatroëtte, the curate at Saint Jacques, their parish church.)

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