From Fr. Pichon to Céline - April 17, 1893. Fragments.

From Fr. Pichon to Céline - April 17, 1893. Fragments.


My child, rejoice, it has not been demonstrated to me that you have committed a single mortal fault even [with your knowledge]. One does not sin seriously when one is unaware of the seriousness of the fault.

I don’t subscribe to the parallel you draw between your nature and others. I find you are more privileged than you think. Give thanks to Our Lord. My hope is that he has freed you forever. But it is not a certainty. Blind surrender! Our Lord and I applauded (…)

My child, to eclipse yourself is a wholly divine secret! How I bless Our Lord for having revealed this to you!

I approved and savoured the letter you sent to Marie to calm her scruples.

Take Communion every day. Jesus orders you to do so forever. Go without fear. In the Tabernacle you are applauded during your hour of meditation.

As far as dancing is concerned I approve of your course of action. Have I not always said that your Theology is to my taste! (…)

Do embrace the Saintly Patriarch and raise his hand in the direction of America to bless me.

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