From sr Agnès of Jesus to Céline - May 1890 ?

From Sister Agnes of Jesus to Celine - May 1890 ?

My darling, my picture says everything (miniature on parchment depicting a Holy Face on a Veil of Veronica, framed by nine lilies. These latter are on a green stem around which winds a thorn branch).
Our Mother was insisting on writing to you but then was called to the visiting room . . . It is her idea to send you the Manual of Mother Geneviève (her Christian’s Manual), do you like it? It’s nothing short of a relic.
Dear Céline, now you are 21, you are ‘major’ in every way! [v°] Ah! Jesus can outdistance age in order to put true wisdom in our hearts. He does this by means of His Cross!
How I love you, little Céline. You are the beautiful white lily whose petals uphold the Holy Face. You have this honour because it is your name (Marie of the Holy Face)!
The stem is our dear Mother in heaven and Papa, whom Jesus chose from our family as beloved victim . . .
The 4 little buds are the 4 departed angels.
Sr Agnes of Jesus

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