From Br. Siméon to sr Geneviève - May 20, 1897.



From Br. Siméon to sr Geneviève - May 20, 1897.


20th May 1897.

Very revered Sister,

Do not be surprised at my long delay in answering your kind letter dated 25th April. I was away from Rome. I was very sorry to hear the bad news about your excellent Sister. I prayed hard for her. I like to hope she is doing better and that her health will cause you no more worry. I am praying that things might be so.

       [lv°] On Ascension Day, the Holy Father will preside over the great Canonisation celebration of two founders of two Religious Orders; that of the Barnabite Fathers and also that of the Sisters of Our Lady, the latter is French. For over a month we have been working very actively in St. Peter’s Basilica where the Canonisation will take place. We have ordered 15 thousand metres of rope, 18 thousand candles, and thousands of square metres of red velvet to decorate the arches of the chapel and the dome; it will be splendid. The expenses will come to 262 thousand francs [2r°] and we expect a few hundred Bishops and many pilgrims at this great solemnity. The Holy Father wants the Great Mass to be sung and to preside over the whole celebration; I don’t know whether his strength will match his will. Let’s hope so. We would have been very happy if Our Blessed founder had been among the Canonised on this day, but things are going slowly here. Another two years is needed before all the processes and other work for this solemn cause can be finished. It’s on the right track and we are full of confidence.

     [2v°] In Rome we have ordered a beautiful statue in marble of Our Blessed founder. It is for Rouen where he lived for a long time and where he died (Saint John Baptist de la Salle). I have the pleasure of sending you the photo of the beautiful statue which has attracted the admiration of those who have seen it; the Artist is a Saintly man.

         Please offer my thanks to your Saintly Mother Superior for the beautiful picture she sent me, I still have it before me.

         Pay my respects to your saintly sister and your saintly companions, recommending me to their prayers. I recommend myself to yours in particular.

Your humble servant

Br. Siméon

The Photograph will be sent at the same time as my letter.

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