From Brother Siméon to sr Geneviève - March 5, 1897.


From Brother Siméon to sr Geneviève - March 5, 1897.

Rome, 5th March 1897.

Very good and revered Sister,

     I had wanted to reply to your lovely letter sooner, but was prevented from doing so. I read about the beautiful and joyful Anniversary you held for your revered Jubilarian with great joy. I rejoiced greatly at her happiness and esteem myself fortunate to have contributed to it a little. Please thank her for the sacrifice she made on my behalf in giving up the beautiful picture you painted and for the magnificent poem by worthy Sister Thérèse of the Child Jesus. I will treasure this keepsake; it will remind me of the dear Jubilarian and her beloved Sisters Geneviève of St. Teresa and the inspired Thérèse of the Child Jesus. [lv°]  

     Please tell dear Sister St. Stanislaus that I am at her full command should she wish for another Blessing from Great Leo XIII for her future Diamond Anniversary! (Sister Saint Stanislaus would celebrate her diamond anniversary in 1907. On this occasion, the Bishop of Bayeux, Mgr. Lemonnier, would push her through the cloister himself in her little wheelchair).

     I thank you, dear Sister, for the various poems you sent me. Your dear Sister is always drawing new treasures from her rich heart and fertile intelligence! (He was talking about Thérèse, some of whose poetry he had received). A thousand times thank you. Please beg your worthy Superior to accept my gratitude for the Circular relating to your revered founder which she was kind enough to send me. It was very edifying reading, she was a St.! The one who has taken her name shall, I hope, be a perfect imitation of her.

         [2r°] As I can refuse you nothing, I’m sending you the Photograph you asked me for. When you look at it or show it, be good enough to remember that the poor man it represents is really very poor in virtues and that he asks his Saintly daughters in the Carmel of Lisieux for their prayers so that he might, before his death, which cannot be far off, (he came to end of his 67th year of religious life a few days ago), become a worthy son of his Blessed founder, Bl. John-Baptist de La Salle. We are very hopeful for his imminent canonisation.

       [2v°] Last Thursday, the Holy Father received the compliments of all the Cardinals, Ambassadors, Roman Princes, etc., etc., for the anniversary of his crowning as Sovereign Pontiff. It was possible to enter the Vatican on that day with Entry Tickets. If you had been here, I would have had some for you. The Holy Father responded to the Cardinal Deacon’s speech with a magnificent speech. All those present admired his wealth of knowledge [or: freedom of speech?] and his admirable health. Let us pray for him.

Dear Sister, please pay my humble respects to Madame de Gonzague your Superior and to all your Saintly companions, recommending me to their prayers.

Your very devoted servant

                         Br. Siméon

[2v°tv] If you need something from Rome, do not hesitate to ask me for it. I am here at your command and at that of your Superior.

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