From sr Marie of the Sacred Heart to sr Geneviève - 23th February 1896.


From sr Marie of the Sacred Heart to sr Geneviève - 23th February 1896.

23rd February 1896 Jesus!


Darling little sister,

I have no keepsake to give you for the great day of your profession. I am poor, but I have a heart that cherishes you as though you were my little daughter, which you are of course. Was it not your two little sisters who brought you up? You are therefore their glory and consolation.

So tomorrow you will become the Bride of Jesus, the king of heaven. Tomorrow is the day of his agony (at the time, a service commemorating the Lord’s Passion was celebrated every Tuesday during Lent) and the day of your wedding! It is as if this was the reward [lv°] for another agony that you endured for three whole years. Happier than the apostles, you were not caught sleeping. You kept watch in sorrow by our dear father’s side; you dried his tears, and allayed his suffering. You kept your eyes fixed on Jesus… and you came to understand the mystery of the cross… Here is his reply today. He has cast you a loving gaze and invites you to the nuptial banquet on the feast day of his agony.

Ah! What a feast [2r°] there will be up above! If only our eyes could see… But no, mortal eyes can’t contemplate the glory of the kingdom that God has prepared for his friends for all eternity. No mortal eyes before death could contemplate the divine brightness of Jesus’ Face. If only the world knew! Then only the celestial fiancé would delight their hearts. Ah! Tomorrow, my darling little sister, tomorrow our poor father will come, accompanied by Mama and the four little angels; he will come to the chapter where you will pronounce your vows. He will be there, in pride of place, right beside your Groom. He will come in shining glory and [2v°] honour, as it is written in the psalms: “The Lord has crowned his head with precious stones, he has placed a bright diadem upon his brow (Ps. 20:4.).” The diamond that will shine the brightest on that day will be his little Céline, the visible angel who supported him in his day of trial.

During the reading in the refectory this evening, these words struck me: “I sought a comforter and nobody stepped forward (Is. 63:5; 2nd antiphon of the 3rd nocturn for this office of Matins)” I said to myself that Jesus would no longer have the right to utter this bitter complaint since tomorrow a heart besotted with love for Him will present itself and give itself to him to comfort him…

Darling little sister, do pray for me so that I might become a saint because the years go by and life flies by like a dream! Ah! Soon it will be time for the eternal wedding day and the new song as we follow the King of Virgins (Apoc. 14:3-4).

Tonight is the vigil of arms (the custom of holding a silent vigil in the choir around the future professed nun, from 11 to 12 o’clock). As the ancient warriors would spend the night in prayer before receiving the knight’s arms, so Jesus’ little fiancée will prepare to receive her titles of nobility.

Your poor little sister

M. of the S. H.

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